Why I Luv Pinterest So Much

Hey Luvlies!

I don’t know where I would be without Pinterest in my life. This platform is helpful in so many ways, but what it does for me, is help me organize my interests and fine tune my aesthetic. Mood boards help me get my inspiration for everything from what hairstyle I want to wear to the type of vibe I want to create for upcoming photo shoots.

If you’re not sure how Pinterest works, it’s pretty simple. You type a topic of interest into the site’s search engine and then you go through photos and other content based on that search, until you’ve found all the visuals you need to build mood or vision boards. Once you’ve saved what you want to your boards you will be able to reference those boards for projects, goals, or whatever. Like any other social media platform you want to build a following and follow others who post things you’re interested in. When you’ve pinned or been pinned by others you get some clout.

I can spend hours on Pinterest—just pinning for days. (I’ve done it before, LOL.) My latest mood board includes everything I want to accomplish in the next couple of years. Putting mood boards together is literally a mood! Check out some of the boards I’ve created below.

Board: Alexa Play the Views Album by Drake

Board: Fries Before Guys

Board: Lipstick To Something New

Board: TNO - Teens’ Night Out

I’m active on my Pinterest every day, so go give me a follow to get some inspiration or find pictures to use for some vision boards of your own.

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