Wanderlust: Tips for Packing & Traveling During the Pandemic

Hey Luvlies!

If you've been following Luv Chloé from the beginning, you already know that travel is high on the list of things I luv. Last year, I had to cancel all my travel plans because of coronavirus. This year, I'm praying that the vaccines and new plans for how to handle the pandemic will lead to reopening the world to safer, easier travel.

The idea of traveling is always fun, but deciding what to bring and how to pack for trips can be a headache. Thanks to my mom, I've become sort of an expert packer, so I wanted to share some tips for packing effectively for the crazy times we're living in. Check them out!

Plan Your Looks

When I'm traveling, I like to be prepare so that the trip is smooth sailing. One way I prepare is by having my looks already mapped out, from accessories to shoes, so I only take what I need. Nope, no overpacking for me!

Putting looks together ahead of time lets me know if I need to go out and grab something real quick. Having another set of eyes look over everything helps because they'll be able to tell me if I'm missing anything.

To remember how to wear your looks, take a picture as you're trying them on.

Pack Like a Pro

Roll Clothes

The roll method is another space saver that allows me to be a carry-on queen. So what you do is take the pieces from one outfit, layer them, and very tightly roll everything together into a tube. Do this with all clothing you plan to bring. If your rolls are tight enough to place inside a pair of shoes, that's even better!

Nest the Little Things

When I travel, I use one carry-on and fit everything I need in that bag. The trick is to use every ounce of available space. One way to do that is nesting, which is basically putting things inside of other things. For example, putting socks inside the shoes you plan to wear with them. Besides the nesting method, I also save on space by keeping all toiletries trial or travel size and stored in a baggy for protection against leaks or spills.

Sole-to-Sole for Shoes

I find it more effective to pack shoes with the soles facing. That goes for slides, heels, or sneakers. I usually pack shoes last and place them is dust bags to keep them off my clothes.

Act Like We're Fighting a Pandemic

Now that you know how to organize your looks and pack your bag, you have to get to where you're going safely. WEAR YOUR MASK! KN95 masks are the best, if you can find them. If not, you can get close to KN95 protection by doubling up on standard masks. Pack extras, too. One for each day of your trip and a couple more for emergency situations. Face shields also add an extra layer of protection, so I suggest you invest. Bring sanitized wipes to wipe down anything you plan on touching and don't forget your travel-size hand sanitizer.

Hope you got something out of today's post. Safe travels, Luvlies!



Do you have any go-to packing or travel tips? Please share in the comments!

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