Showing Luv: My Fav Style Influencers of 2020

Hey Luvlies!!

We’re at the end of 2020 and although we were in quarantine most of the year, I got through it by seeing my favorite style influencers create some bomb looks this past year. Check out the girls that gave consistent looks this year and give them a follow for future inspo...


Alaina Anderson is a fashion and fitness influencer known as Alaina Taught You. She also has her own fitness business, Keep It Cute Fitness. I love her candid and aesthetically pleasing shots of her outfits and accessories.


De'arra Taylor is a Youtuber, but she gives looks on her Instagram too. I find myself constantly looking to her page for inspo. She gives a perfect mix of streetwear and designer outfits on her page.


Justice Williams is a model I started following after a shoot she did for Milano Di Rouge. Since I starting following her, she has created so many cool looks and even made me contemplate cutting my hair to a bob like she has in the third pic.


People know Saweetie as a rapper, but she also slays her outfits!! It can be as simple as a graphic tee and jeans or a high fashion look for NYFW. I love her style because she can switch it up so much and still look bomb!