Showing Luv: My Fav Style Influencers of 2020

Hey Luvlies!!

We’re at the end of 2020 and although we were in quarantine most of the year, I got through it by seeing my favorite style influencers create some bomb looks this past year. Check out the girls that gave consistent looks this year and give them a follow for future inspo...


Alaina Anderson is a fashion and fitness influencer known as Alaina Taught You. She also has her own fitness business, Keep It Cute Fitness. I love her candid and aesthetically pleasing shots of her outfits and accessories.


De'arra Taylor is a Youtuber, but she gives looks on her Instagram too. I find myself constantly looking to her page for inspo. She gives a perfect mix of streetwear and designer outfits on her page.


Justice Williams is a model I started following after a shoot she did for Milano Di Rouge. Since I starting following her, she has created so many cool looks and even made me contemplate cutting my hair to a bob like she has in the third pic.


People know Saweetie as a rapper, but she also slays her outfits!! It can be as simple as a graphic tee and jeans or a high fashion look for NYFW. I love her style because she can switch it up so much and still look bomb!


Jnel V made my list because she's so good at creating looks that pop. I started following her when I saw one of her photos on my explore page. After that, I started looking forward to seeing her posts. She always creates a moment and I admire the fact that she has two businesses—By Jnel V and Yellow the Photo Studio. You can check out her website for more deets on those.


Chanel McFarlane is another Youtuber, better known as Chanel Dijon of Makings of Chanel Dijon. You know when Chanel has a new video is on the way whenever she posts a fly outfit pic. I love when she posts these pics because they remind me that I can still get dressed just to be home. She also cooks and makes most meals from scratch, so you know I'm here for that.

I hope you liked this post and maybe found some new people to follow. Make sure to like, comment, and share! Also, keep up with me and see more fashion and food-related content on my Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Wishing you peace, much success, good health and, of course, lots of luv in the new year, Luvlies!



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