Self-Care at SuSaBe Face & Body Studio

One of the best things about the location of my mom’s salon, is that it has a variety of businesses offering health and beauty services. One of my favs is SuSaBe Face and Body Studio.

Recently, I’ve been working on getting my face to a point where it has a natural glow. SuSaBe has a pineapple enzyme mask I love because it really gives me that fresh, radiant look I’m going for. When I got my facial on the launch day of Luv Chloé, I tried something different.

Along with the pineapple enzyme mask, I got a hydrojelly mask, which is loaded with benefits and can be customized according to your skin’s needs.

This facial may make you feel a little claustrophobic, since it covers everything on the face except the nose. You won’t be able to open your eyes and mouth while the HydroJelly mask is on, but the time goes by quickly if you just sleep through it like I do.

After my session was done, I noticed such a big difference in my skin! The combination of hydrojelly and pineapple enzyme masks had my skin looking and feeling super hydrated. The glow was definitely poppin, which made me very happy.

Comment down below if you’d ever try this mask and share some of your skincare faves!



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