School Daze: How I Adjusted to Being the New Girl

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Hey Luvlies!

One of the reasons I started Luv Chloé was to give myself an opportunity to grow as a young woman through shared experiences with my peers. I want you all to get to know me on a more personal level and build new connections by sharing some experiences I know many can relate to. One of those experiences is switching schools, which I’ve had to do six times.

Transferring schools wasn’t really a problem for me until this year. When I went to sixth grade, my parents switched me from catholic school to private school. The Baldwin School was the BEST school ever for me. I’ve never felt more at home as I did at this school. It felt good to go to school and see people that make you smile every day. But in October, that all changed. I had to transfer to public school, which in my mind was the end of the world because I thought that the school I went to was unmatched on every level.

After a rollercoaster of emotions and many tears, I accepted what was happening. I was transferring to a new school… again. Good thing that I had two friends, who were at the school I was transferring to; they would make my transition a lot easier. When I first got to my new school, I was super quiet (I still am at times because I am not an open book). I’m an observer, so the things people think I don’t see or hear, I do.

I knew my quietness was an issue for people wanting to know more about me because I was told. That only made me want to be more closed off. I didn’t know who was genuine or who was only trying to be nice to me because of who I was associated with.

I started going to the library every day. I prioritized what was important to me, like my long-term goals and what I wanted to achieve as a high school student. I already knew that I was different, so I had to be OK standing in my uniqueness.

The people that I am cool with now just got to know me over time. Lacrosse season really helped me come out of my shell once I started talking to teammates and going to team activities. Connecting with upperclassmen was also helpful. They gave me great tips on things I needed to know, which made me feel more relaxed about the school year ahead. I really miss them and my lacrosse teammates.

I’m happy with my current school situation. I feel like I’m used to the change and try to not let any high school nonsense distract me. And since school is at home these days anyway, I feel like now is the perfect time to take this school year for myself and totally focus on preparing for my next move.

Being the new kid is never easy. Have you ever had to adjust to that or other serious changes in your life? How did you deal with it? I want to hear you!



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