Quarantine Fitness: Joie Chavis HIIT Workout

Hey Luvlies!

I know it’s been hard trying to maintain your health during this time, but if you haven’t been on top of your workouts, now is the perfect time to start.

I’m a student-athlete and have always been into some sort of athletics from gymnastics to swimming to volleyball. Now I play lacrosse and every lacrosse coach and mentor I’ve had always talked about how important it is to stay active outside of lacrosse. That’s why I like lacrosse and decided to stick with it. Keeps me motivated.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been looking at workouts to follow online. I came across a video on Joie Chavis’s YouTube channel demonstrating a high-intensity interval training, or HIIT workout, that is only 15 minutes long. Perfect in my book because I don’t like long workouts. I need something that make you sweat five minutes in.

I felt pretty good after my workout, although my legs were burning! I’m a defensive player in lacrosse, which requires a lot of core and leg strength. This HIIT involves the core and A LOT of leg work, so I would definitely recommend this if those are areas you’d like to focus on. If you aren’t an athlete and just looking to get your heart rate and metabolism up, this is also good for you. Just take your time and hydrate before, during, and after you workout.

Let me know how you’re staying in shape during the quarantine in the comments.



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