Silkcocoon: My First Facial

Skincare is very important to me, especially because my skin is so sensitive. My mother has played a really big part in my beauty regimens and taught me from a very young age that I have to take good care of my skin.

The older I get, the more obsessed I become with skincare products and tips for people with my skin type. Mom and I have tried so many different products for my face from St. Ives to Clean and Clear to Mario Badescu. But they didn’t really do anything for my skin. Thank goodness that all changed when my mom came across an amazing esthetician on Instagram and booked me a consultation.

The next day, I went to Silkcocoon Beauty Bar in North Philly for a deep cleansing. When I first went in, the hospitality was great. I felt right at home. During my consultation I got so many tips and learned so many things about skin and how I should take care of it. I also got put onto a skin regimen, which I shared below.

Of course, the best part was the facial itself. It felt so good to close my eyes and have someone pamper my skin for a couple of hours. It was definitely a necessary stress reliever. When the esthetician applied the hydrating mask, I could literally feel the glow up and she worked it into my face.

Once I got down from the spa table and adjusted my eyes to the light, I took a look at my face in the mirror and saw clear, glowing skin! I literally could not stop smiling. So, for the super chill, cozy atmosphere, product suggestions, and overall experience, I’m officially recommending Silkcocoon Beauty Bar for your first or next facial. Don’t forget to check out the list of products used for my facial below and let me know your go-to skincare products.

Luv, Chloé

Silkcocoon Products Used

  1. Pre-cleanse - Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil (Do NOT use if you have a nut allergy).

  2. Cleanser - Mustela Stelatopia Cream Cleanser

  3. Toner - Thayers Witch Hazel Toner

  4. Moisturizer - Nivea Cream

  5. Acne Treatment - Acne Treatment Gel

  6. Dark Spot Treatment - Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

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