Mini Makeover at Sephora

My Fridays are always an experience and one of my more recent Fridays turned out to be an interesting adventure in makeup. I did not want to go to school that day. I was super tired, but it was Friday, so I figured I would just push myself to get through the day. In the morning, I was already planning to go home after school, but those plans changed when I came up with the idea to surprise my mom at her job.

My mom’s salon is inside a plaza where my friends sometimes hang out, so I decided to hang out with my friends while I was there and check out a couple of stores, including one of my faves—Sephora.

When I walked into Sephora, I was not expecting to buy anything because I can’t wear makeup. Also, I am in the process of trying to get my skin right. We walked around and I felt like I was in makeup heaven! My friend, Leslie, and I asked our friend, Aida, if we could do her makeup. She, fortunately, said yes!

I walk over to the Sephora foundation section and choose the best shade for her face. I grabbed the free sample blender and went to work applying foundation to her face. It looked SO NATURAL! Leslie filled in Aida’s brows and applied mascara to her lashes, while I was looking for concealer and the perfect lip gloss.

Aida’s brows looked perfect. Not too much, which I loved. I grabbed another sample blender and started adding concealer in full make-up artist mode! Never mind that I never did anyone’s face before. I was strictly going off of all the Youtube makeup tutorials I’ve watched.

After I was done with concealer, I added Fenty Glow lipgloss and highlighter. I put a little too much highlighter, but it was fine after some more blending. When we were done, Aida looked in the mirror and was in love!

Here’s to another unforgettable Friday! The one where I discovered my skills as an MUA.



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