Last-Minute Valentine Luv

Valentine’s Day is here, but it's not too late to get something thoughtful for the special people in your life. No need to overthink it. Old-school Valentine’s gifts like flowers and cards are still a hit. And who wouldn’t like something good to eat while you turn up for Cupid?

Here are 5 last-minute ideas for those in need of a little V-Day gift inspiration:

1. Something Tasty

The best route to the heart is through my stomach, Lol! I know this because I have gone my entire life listening to people talk about my big appetite. I’m not ashamed; I love food! So if you have a foodie like me in your life, show them some love with a package of their favorite snack or a gift card to their fav eating spot.

2. A Thoughtful Card

Cards may seem like a simple gift, but it’s the thought you put in the card that makes people feel like the world. Cards are meant to make you smile, cry tears of joy, and feel loved.

With the right card, you can express your true feelings and your Valentine can save and relive the experience for years to come. If you're the creative kind, you can make a custom with a real personal touch.

3. Pretty Flowers

Flowers are an essential part of Valentine’s Day, especially roses. You can get nice, affordable bouquets from Trader Joe’s or other local markets. Red roses represent love and romance, but if your feelings aren’t that intense, opt for pink or yellow roses that represent friendship.

4. Fresh Scents

Perfumes and lotions are some of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten! Everyone wants to smell nice, so gifting someone a good fragrance or scented lotion will definitely show them you care. Go for something light and fresh that will match your Valentine’s style and personality.

5. Your Time

Gifts are great, but time is way more valuable than anything money can buy. Make a plan to spend time with your friends or family on V-Day and make new memories with people you love.

Those are my simple but thoughtful gift ideas. To share yours, tag @_luvchloe on Instagram and use the hashtag #LuvChloéVDay, so I can see you Love Day fun!



Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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