How To Spend Valentine’s Day... Without A Valentine

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Valentine’s Day is cool if you don't take it too seriously. I like celebrating love and all the universal symbols of love around us, like red hearts and chubby Cupid with his bow and arrow— all cute and fun if you have a bae. But what about the people who don’t have that special person in their life or don’t want one? (That would be me, btw.) No big deal. You can still enjoy Valentine’s Day with four simple things.


If you have boo-free friends, now is a great time to gather them up for a fun night in. Choose a time and invite two or three of your homies to come through in their coziest sweats or loungewear and be prepared to veg all the way out. Grab a cute Valentine’s Day gift for each of your friends to wear that night, like a cute pair of socks.


Netflix will have plenty of movies or binge-worthy shows to watch on Valentine’s Day so try to decide what you wanna watch ahead of time. Of course, you can always go the classic romance route, but if you’re not in the mood for anything that’ll have you in your feelings, pick out a few comedies to laugh at or go for a Halloween vibe with one of those crazy Valentine’s Day-themed horror movies.

  • Always Be My Maybe (2019)

  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

  • Nappily Ever After (2018)

  • Beyond the Lights (2014)

  • Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

  • Bachelorette (2012)

  • My Bloody Valentine (2009)

  • Hitch (2005)

  • Heartbreakers (2001)

  • Valentine (2001)


Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year—a great day to stay inside and unwind from the busy week with some good takeout. Hit up your fav Chinese restaurant and get a few dishes you love, or order a few pies from your fav pizza shop. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, you might as well get a little something for dessert. The supermarket is a great place to find affordable Valentine’s Day-themed cakes and cookies.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is a busy day for most restaurants, so order your food ahead of time and keep it warm while you finish up your preparations for the perfect Valentine’s Day.


Pull out your comfiest blankets and pillows and set up your space so everyone has a good spot around the TV. Once everyone’s done setting up their comfy space, it’s time to grab the food, the remote and go!

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