Hair Luv: Pop Smoke Braids

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Pop Smoke (Complex Magazine)

One of my main goals over quarantine is growing my hair, so I’ve been wearing protective styles like braids a lot! One thing about having a hairstylist for a mom is that whenever she wants to do your hair, you have to take a chance. My mom has always used me as a mannequin when practicing new styles. Some I have not liked and some I loved. One of the hairstyles I love, and had done recently, is Pop Smoke braids.

The last time my mom gave me box braids, she told me the next style would be inspired by the late Pop Smoke. I said okay, but by the time I was ready for my braids to be redone, my mom had forgotten all about her great idea. Lol. I reminded her about trying the Pop Smoke braids and she smiled and got to work.

It didn’t take long to get this hairstyle–about an hour and a half for my mom’s first time doing it. When she was done, I was really happy with the results.

This hairstyle doesn’t last as long as box braids. The max you can keep these braids is about three weeks if you spray your hair and scalp with oil everyday and tie it up with a scarf every night.

My mom used Edge Booster’s Strong Hold Water-based Pomade (Sweet Peach) and extension hair by Que Braiding Hair.

I rate this hairstyle a 10 out of 10 easy, protective style–perfect while on lockdown.

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