Foodie Favs: Where to Eat in Los Angeles, NYC & Miami

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One of the worst things about being locked down by a pandemic is the limits that have been put on travel. Traveling to different places lets me take in other cultures and whenever I go away, it’s a must that I check out as many eating spots as possible.

Los Angeles, New York, and Miami are at the top of my travel list for poppin atmosphere and of course, the food! All three cities were hit hard by the coronavirus. Once the world really opens back up, I plan to visit my fav eating spots in these cities. Check them out below and add them to your favorites.

Leo's Food Truck

Los Angeles

From the tacos to the burgers at In-N-Out, some of my favorite food moments have happened in LA. One of those moments was when my dad and I grabbed tacos from Leo’s Food Truck. I never had LA street food and Leo’s promised to be authentic. You could tell by the tortillas that this was real Latin street food and that made the experience 10 times better.

I've honestly never had a taco like that before, which makes this an unforgettable food moment.


New York City

New York is a city I used to visit at least once a month. Every time I go, I try to eat somewhere different. We all know NYC has a ton of great places to eat, but at the top of my list is tacos in Astoria from Astoria Taco Factory (I really like tacos, lol), Soco in Brooklyn, and Ricardo Steakhouse in Harlem.

Whatever you’re trying to eat, you’ll find it in New York.



I didn’t stay in Miami as long as I would’ve liked, but I did go out to eat while I was there. FingaLicking serves all things yummy and fried, but adds a twist. For example, their chicken and waffles dish is chicken and red velvet waffles. Yeah, I said it, red velvet!

Of course, you can’t leave Miami without stopping for good Cuban cuisine. I’m obsessed with the pernil asado at Puerto Sagua on Collins Avenue.

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