Fashionably Late: How to Slay Your Virtual New Year's Eve Party

Hey Luvlies!!

I know a lot of you are bummed that you can’t go out and be with your family and friends for the holidays. If you decided to get the family together for a party on Zoom or FaceTime, you'll still need a dress code.

You’re probably thinking, "Chloé I don’t wanna get dressed up for a Zoom just to see my family," and I know I already gave you ways to look cute for NYE on the sofa. But look on the bright side; at least you get to show up somewhere fashionably late, looking cute, without the threat of getting sick. Trust me, it can and will be fun!

You gotta playlist ready?

I wholeheartedly believe that music is the thing that gets me through life. I can be over everything, but if I hear one of my hype songs, I feel like I can conquer the world. So, turn on a party playlist that'll get you hype to celebrate the new year. For these situations, I go to Saweetie, City Girls and, of course, Beyoncé.

What are you going to wear?

Don’t know what to wear? Don’t panic. There's plenty of places to get inspiration. Don't sleep on Pinterest. I've found tons of outfit inspo there. Search based on the vibe you want and see what's similar in your closet. I have tons of jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and sweatpants, so I start my search based on that. A simple search like “dressed-up sweatsuit outfits women” or if you have a specific person that inspires your style search their name and include "outfits" (ex: "Lori Harvey outfits").

Are we doing makeup? Maybe.

Having a fully made-up face is optional, but if you have parents like mine who aren’t exactly with the whole makeup thing, I suggest some lipgloss, brushing your brows and swiping your lashes with a little mascara. If you're all about a beat face, here are three trends that I luv: 60s-inspired glam, natural glam (make people wonder if you have makeup on or not) and ultimate glam to make everyone go, “Wow! She looks amazing!”

Uhm...what’s going on with the hair?

I’m a visual person, which means I have to map out every aspect of my look before I commit and my hair is a very important aspect of my vision. One of my go-tos is a top-knot bun. I like this hairstyle because it can be done with braids, if your hair is pressed or if you are natural. This is also another area where Instagram and Pinterest can provide tons of inspo.

Accessories...Why not?

We all know accessories make the outfit. Even though I'm not out and about, I've spent a lot of quarantine time buying sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, etc. than actual clothes. The right pair of sunglasses or a good necklace can add that little something extra, even if it's for a quarantine look.

Can we be fashionably late?

If there's one thing I learned from my parents, it’s if you’re going to be late, you better look like something. If it’s for important moments like a wedding or performance, then please be on time, but for your virtual party, create a little mystery and slide in looking fab about 5 to 10 minutes after the party starts.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful. Get ready to see more fashion and food-related content on Luv Chloé in the new year and don't forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Happy New Year!



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