5 Ways to Get Through Coronacation

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Hi Luvlies!

Of course we know that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is everywhere, bringing the world to a stop. The inability to keep this virus from spreading is affecting people's livelihood and daily routine, forcing people to stay home from work and school for weeks.

Last week, my school called for an early dismissal and began to prepare us for working from home. Each class we had after lunch talked about what life was going to be like doing school online. Although some kids may not want to do school online, it keeps us safe and prepares us for when we have to take online classes in college.

Being home every day could get boring, but it also gives us a chance to spend time on other important things in life. As soon as I heard we might have to be in doors for a while, I started thinking of things I could do with my time. Below are some things I came up with to get us through the two-week COVID-19 isolation.

1. Organize

Getting organized is a great life tool. It’s also a good way to relieve stress. These two weeks could be used to go through your room and start throwing things out that you don’t need, removing clutter from work spaces, under the bed and anywhere else a mess could be hiding.

2. Get Ahead

There’s nothing wrong with being ahead of the game, especially when it comes down to schoolwork. Set aside some time to read a few extra chapters or create a study schedule for finals. In the end, you’ll feel relaxed and accomplished.

3. Relax & Recharge

This year has been crazy so far and people really haven’t had time to focus on themselves. This time can be used for a little self-care and relaxation. Put a mask on your face, read something for enjoyment that has nothing to do with school, catch up on a tv show or catch up on rest. Taking time for yourself can not only help you perform better, it also boosts your immune system.

4. Get Healthy

Speaking of the immune system, good health is a blessing, especially now. Remember to eat clean whenever possible and continue to workout or create a workout routine, if you don’t have one. Working out is a great way to use your time. Since the gym is not the place to be right now. If you don’t have a gym at home, I suggest you do 15-minute workouts at home like the ones here.

5. Stay Motivated

When you are not on your normal routine, you can become unmotivated about things that you would normally do because it feels weird. This is a minor setback for a major comeback. Don’t let this time discourage you from staying focused on your goals and responsibilities. Let this be a time to motivate yourself.



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