5 Black-Owned Brands to Get Into

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Hey Luvlies!

I gave you some Black-owned beauty products, now it's time to shed some light on Black-owned fashion brands that people should pay attention to. For so long, black designers have had to play the background to the labels and brands that mainstream fashion magazines thought were more relevant. Now that fashion mags have less influence, many minority-owned brands are able to get the recognition they deserve by going directly at customers through social media or word-of-mouth from the streets. Here are the five black-owned brands I think deserve some luv.

The Marathon Clothing

The Marathon Clothing is a fashion brand that was started by the late Nipsey Hussle. The brand has a store on Slauson Avenue in LA that opened in June 2017. The Marathon Clothing also has a mobile app that contains exclusive content. To see more about The Marathon Clothing go to The Marathon Clothing website and The Marathon Clothing's IG.

Source: @laurenlondon


PALEHORSE is a streetwear line created by Cameron Brown and Kahari Scarlett. It was started as a sign to recognize growth and development. This Philly-based street wear brand has had 3 collections so far, with its fourth coming out this summer. To keep up with this brand, visit the PALEHORSE site. You can also check them out on IG @shoppalehorse.

Source: shoppalehorse.com

Omi Woods

Omi Woods is a jewelry line inspired by the designer’s connection to Africa. The jewelry is handmade from African gold that is fair-trade along with other conflict-free fine metals. You can keep up with Omi Woods on IG @omiwoods or the Omi Woods website.

Source: @omiwoods

Girls From Planet Venus

Girls From Planet Venus is an everyday clothing brand that has vibrant, cozy clothes for people on the go. The purpose of this line was to showcase the differences that make people feel comfortable too. Keep up with Girls From Planet Venus through their Girls From Planet Venus's website and IG @grlsfrmpv.

Source: shopgfv.com


4ye is a Toronto-based brand that designs custom durags. They released their first durags in Spring of 2018 and it has been up from there ever since. 4ye continues to be heavily inspired by their community and urban street style. To check them out, head over to the 4ye's website and follow on IG @4ye's. Source: @4ye

Photos of me wearing some of these brands will be coming soon! Hope you give these brands a try.



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